• Why are people in Kenya demonstrating against electoral corruption?

    Read why one activist took to the streets to demonstrate against IEBC.

  • Burundi is at a crossroads, corruption is fueling conflict

    Read the latest piece by an ACI activist from Burundi.

  • “No justice, no peace!” and “Skopje you will be joy” are the most common sentences that one could hear every day on the streets of the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje. But the main question is why?

  • Letter to World Leaders to Curb Corruption in Indonesia’s Forestry Sector!

    ACI asks world leaders to put pressure on Indonesian Government...

  • The inefficiency of corruption

    Lisa Mansfeld writes on the inefficiencies at the core of corruption..

  • How corruption has negatively affected the development of Malawi


  • Corruption in the environment? Yes, naturally!

    With governments increasingly focusing on the environment and climate change, Liza Coetzee looks at natural resource corruption...

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Anti-Corruption International (ACI) is a student-led organization of activists who have come together as a global force dedicated to fighting corruption. Students and young people have the power to change the world and ACI is determined to use that power to tackle corruption. Join ACI today.

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Who We Are

Our fight against corruption is not confined to any limits on nationality, educational attainment, cultural backgrounds or any such categories.

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Anti-Corruption International is an organization of students and other individuals who are passionate about fighting corruption. This is our story and you can be part of it too.


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Through campaigns and outreach events, we spread awareness regarding the forms of corruption and help you detect and fight corrupt acts.

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Anti-Corruption International aims to expose corruption and provide you with effective resources to recognize and fight corruption in all its forms.


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Corruption chooses no place nor time. It is a menace that works against peace and order. This fight is everywhere and concerns everyone.

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Anti-Corruption International sets up campaigns, events and outreach programs across the globe. You may also help us organize one in your area.


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Our team comes from around the world and is very diverse in terms of their outlook as well as in their skills.

Who's on our team?

Here we have our President, Vice-President and the International board, This is the primary decision making body of Anti-Corruption International and this is our team.


Latest Stories

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Why I am leading Anti-IEBC demonstrations.

A common misconception our brothers in Jubilee have about democracy is that once people set up institutions, they lose all power over any issues that are meant to be resolved by those institutions.

Yet modern progressive […]

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What are we talking about when we criticise the networks of shell companies?

At the latest with the revelations of the Panama Papers, mass media and wider public joined a chorus of outrage over the hidden financial assets of politicians, celebrities and criminal organisations. According to ICIJ, the […]

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Panama Papers- Experience from the front

So here we are, day 3 of the Panama Papers scandal and its already got its own hashtag (or a number of them) potentially brought down its first government (The dramatic fall from […]

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Panama Papers

Over the course of the next number of days and week we in ACI will be hosting a number of interviews with well respected voices in the Anti Corruption world, as well as a number […]

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Paris is the start, but if it is going to be successful, we need a truly global approach

Photo source: http://cemuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/cop-paris-perspective-cropped.png
On December 12th roughly 200 countries came together in Paris to finally strike a deal, which hopefully can be the first stepping stone towards getting the governments of the world towards creating a […]

  • Corruption and Transparency as a Traditional Part of Russian Political Agenda

Corruption and Transparency as a Traditional Part of Russian Political Agenda

Corruption as a significant problem of Russian political and social life. Unfortunately, it is not a modern phenomenon. At the very beginning of the Tsardom of Muscovy, when the system of public service was established, […]

  • stop-corruption(R)

How corruption has negatively affected the development of Malawi


Corruption is a social evil and it is very bad! It strangles the society, nurtures inequalities and enhances underdevelopment. It is a cancer of development and everybody involved in it is a murderer of […]

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Local elections in Ukraine, a lesson in corruption.

Photo credit: Oleksandra Chernova

Iryna Matviyishyn is a journalist and blogger from Lviv, Ukraine. She writes about the recent local elections in Ukraine and how the country still has quite some distance to go before it […]